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José Barrias in itinere

curate by João Fernandes, Serralves Fondation. Porto, 2011


Since the 1970s, the artist José Barrias has developed a body of work in which fragments of visual narratives provide the structure of an intimate memory with a memory of places and history. "In Itinere" is an exhibition staged for the Serralves Museum over several years. Constructed as an itinerary, the exhibition constitutes for the artist the time and place of a double return: the return to the country he left in 1967 to live in Paris, and then in Milan, as well as the return to Porto, the city where lived and studied between 1950 and 1967. New cycles of works intersect with earlier pieces, such as Quase Romance [Quasi-Romance] or No Mundo [In the World], in an exhibition that is, in itself, a new work in the conception of Barrias.


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