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L’arte al tempo della crisi.

Italia Grecia Portogallo Spagna

A moment of reflection on the current crisis situation with the creative response of three Portuguese artists from different areas: a writer, Teolinda Gersão, a plastic artist, José Barrias, and an architect, José Adrião.


From the unpublished text by Teolinda Gersão, "The PIGS", insatiable ravagers of society who "get fat with the crisis and therefore prevent it from ending" to "The Shadow Of Future Things", by José Barrias, journey and process of re-meditation and reconstruction of a journey in which the objects collected during the journey are remixed inside the baggage, such as the cultures of the countries of origin, with the radiant images created by José Adrião, with the video installation of the revaluation of the "Casa dos Prazeres", in Alcântara (Lisbon), which shows how spaces can be reused.

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